• Your building company

    Cinesi Group is since 40 years in the construction field and its activity is mainly based on civil and industrial buildings. It is specialized also in renovation and in valuable public works such as churches and old period buildings. Read More
  • Villas and flats

    Our buildings are made according to new aesthetical requirements, without forgetting environmental factors such as the electric saving. We have worked during the time improving our quality process using precious materials, suitable equipments and constant training of our personnel. Read More
  • Public works

    The realization of each activity such as planning and construction of public works urbanizations, renovations and restructuring of buildings is carried out according to processes that consider quality standards and with a precise definition of roles and responsibilities. Our company has reached the SOA certification that defines the kind of jobs for which our building society is trained to participate to contract competitions. Read More
  • Removal of asbestos

    In case of need of asbestos removal or simply to put it in safety, our company is specialized to solve your problems. We are enrolled to the Bulletin Board of Environmental Managers, Cat. 10A, Class E and we take care of all processes, request of necessary authorizations from removal to transport and storage. Read More
  • Fully immersed in a green landscape directly on Iseo Lake in front of the sailing club, we are realizing a beautiful residence with swimming pool
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    "Il Balconcino"

  • Foresto Sparso (Bergamo) - Detached villa with private park. Spacious living area more study area, tavern, fitness.
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    "Leo" villa

  • Villongo (Bergamo) - Imminent start of work-family villa, to be carried out with innovative materials. Garden with possibilities for swimming pool.
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    "Gio" villa

  • Sarnico (Bergamo) - Under construction - Single villa with: swimming pool - fitness - elevator - Energy class: A  Basement floor planimetry  Ground floor planimetry  First floor planimetry
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    "Capri" villa

"Capri" villa

Sarnico (Bergamo) - Under construction - Single villa with: swimming pool - fitness - elevator - Energy class: A

planimetria  Basement floor planimetry
planimetria  Ground floor planimetry
planimetria  First floor planimetry