Public works

chiesa s michele

The realization of each activity such as planning and construction of public works urbanizations, renovations and restructuring of buildings is carried out according to processes that consider quality standards and with a precise definition of roles and responsibilities.

Our company has reached the SOA Certification that defines the kind of jobs for which our building society is trained to participate to contract competitions and the maximum amount of competitions to which is allowed according to its business volume for works have following classification:

  • CAT OG1 - classification IV BIS (up to 3.500.000,00 euro ) for civic and industrial buildings;
  • CAT OG3 - classification III° (up to 1.032.913,80 euro) for roads, motorways, viaducts, railways, tramways, etc...;


Some of the major public works carried out in recent periods were carried out in the Municipality of Milan, Municipality of Legnano, Capriate, as well as minor works.