Certificates: Quality & SOA


Our company has since ever taken great care of the quality and has introduced a Quality System (SGQ) so as to satisfy the requests of the customers. We have achieved by APAVE CERTIFICATION the certification that certifies the quality of the Management System of the organization and the compliance of the company to the requirements mentioned in the norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

The realization of each activity such as the planning and constructions of buildings like homes, villas, small villas, flats, industrial and commercial buildings, public works, urbanization works, renovation and restructuring of buildings is carried out according to processes that respect the certified quality standards and with a precise definition of the rules and responsibility.

Our company has reached the SOA Certification that defines the kind of jobs for which our building society is trained to participate to contract competitions and the maximum amount of competitions to which is allowed according to its business volume for works have following classification:

  • CAT OG1 - classification IV BIS (up to 3.500.000,00 euro ) for civic and industrial buildings.
  • CAT OG3 - classification III° (up to 1.032.913,80 euro) for roads, motorways, viaducts, railways, tramways, etc..
  • CAT OG12 - classification I (up to 258.000,00 euro) remediation and environmental protection works and systems.